Monday, February 23, 2009


hello everyone.... hows its going? not a lot here claire and i came to aunt karis to get some pictures she had on her camera so i thought i would share them with you!  
    this is claire and her friend... 
they are the same age and claire 
is a giant compared to her.

here they are again...
now this one is my most favorite it makes her 
look like such a big kid! kari watched her so tan and i could go on a date.... 
this was the other morning when we came over 
to karis again( we come over here a lot in the mornings) 
and we caught claire playing in the planters.... what a bad kid
on saturday we went on a hike with kari and jd it was fun... 
claire was liken it until the end she had had enough
 so all the way back we had a crying kid (oh the joys of parenthood)  

so as you can see there is never a dull moment and when there is we really enjoy it! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hey you guys!

So i know its been awhile i just dont have that much to say... claire is getting big and makes us laugh so much. oh oh oh... i know do you or do you know anybody that wants a dog we have two that need new homes because we dont have enough love to go around and we think that if the right person wants them they can take them.... dont get me wrong we really love them but its just a little hard to jugle life and kids and work and still give the dogs the attention they deserve... so i know our bolg is kinda sad but just give me a little more time to spice it up a bit... take care

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

so... this is the first blog and its done by me heather.  not a whole lot going on here just hopefully buying a house to make our home... if everything works out and goes as planned we will move in sometime in march. i will never forget that day we found the place... i walked around in circles for hours not accomplishing anything but wearing out the floor.... anyways enough of that i don't want to start going in circles. Tanden is working and Claire and I are at Kari's on her computer and Claire as usual is getting in to her make-up, her plants, her closets, the dog food, hitting her head on the table like nine hundred times, picking her nose, and a lot more all in about and hour or so....ok so this weekend my friend tia took me to a hinder concert and before we went i came to karis house like i always do...(i hope she doesn't get sick of me) to... ( well i forgot what for now) and so we took a few pictures of us looking all hottt! gotta love my sissy!
so later when im on my own computer i will add some more pictures but now we are getting kicked out so we are going home... tatat for now!