Friday, May 8, 2009


so..... everything is going good here still trying to settle into this new house... claire is growing and changing everyday she knows where her eyes, ears, nose, and lips are... it's pretty cute! I really never know what to say so i thought I would show you a few fun pics!

i wanted to see if stan would stay in the doll stroller...
he did...

i think claire was scared of the flash...
stan is a good dog he puts up with a lot!

this weekend my good friend graduated from college
so we had to go and support her... its was a fun time catching up!


  1. YAY A NEW POST!!!! :) Thats so cute of stan man and claire bear! LOVE IT! :)

  2. Stan is a good dog!! Claire is so cute!! We Miss ya guys!! Take care

  3. love your face! your my favorite.
    i love that pic of claire scared, its so dang cute

  4. Stan grew since i've seen him last, or at least it looks like it! Yay for Claires cast coming off!