Monday, April 13, 2009


so we finially got to move in to our new place it took FOREVER and im not kidding.... we had to do a lot of work like painting, new carpet and some very serious... and i mean serious cleaning... but we moved in and are trying to make it feel homie ( for some reason this is a very hard task for me to do i guess decorating is just not my thing) thank you everyone for all your help kari and jd for staying and help us till 3 in the morning paiting mommies and grammies for helping with claire amanda both daddys and the list goes on and on. thanks so much!
our first home together!

happy easter
you can't tell in this picture but
cousin kash was helping claire eat her candy

jake and steph we did this blog thinking of your fam the whole time love ya xoxoxox

we have a ton more pictures but its late and we want to sleep...


  1. Claire is so adorable! Im so happy for your new home! I love it you/kari did a wonderful job with everything :) Love you guys! Oh ya come to my jewelry part this friday! You are invited :)

  2. YEAH!!! Im glad to finally see a picture of your new house!! We are so happy for you.. Wish we lived closer to see you guys enjoy it!! Hope you had a wonderful easter!! I miss ya heather!! I will call you soon! Take care

  3. Love you guys and you know whenever you guys need any help you can depend on us!! xoxo

  4. awesome! I'd like to come see your place Heather! that picture of Kash & Claire is cute.

  5. such a cute new house!! congrats!! Where is it?

  6. Hey Heather,

    I meant to say "hello" a long time ago. Your new home is beautiful and Clarie is adorable. You seem like such a great mom. Hope you're doing well. Love ya

  7. where is you new place!!!?? how exciting! :)